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Equipping you to Serve Congregations and Communities. 

Training is an opportunity to enhance skills, and competencies, and expand the knowledge base of administration, staff, lay leaders and members, and volunteers.


We offer training in various areas in your ministry to align with the overall vision of the church or organization.  We use the T2 Method = Teach + Train.


Teach - You will be taught the importance of your role plays in your ministry's WHY. Learning the WHY will help you and your team understand the importance of their ministry assignment, their commitment, and their stewardship. 

Train – Training explains and shows the HOW that supports and maintains the WHY.

We provide one on one and group training on specific areas of focus. 

Let's Get Started


Complete the Training Request form.


We will review your request to see if we can meet your training needs.


We'll contact you about the next steps and schedule your training.


Training Topics 

Our half-day and full-day training and development opportunities cover topics that align with our purpose and cater to your ministry’s pain points. Training is delivered through cohorts, webinars, and workshops designed to equip faith leaders of all levels for effective ministry.

✓ Leadership Styles & Personality Types

✓ Spiritual Gifts & Ministry Teams

✓ Membership Pipeline

✓ Assimilation Frameworks

✓ Volunteer Management

✓ Church Administration

✓ Multi-Campus Administration 

✓ Performance Management

✓ Community Engagement

Would you like for us to train you and your team?

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