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Four 12 Training Group is an operations and systems consulting firm that provides organizational systems strategies and training to faith leaders and their teams.

How do you recap weekend events & services? Use this guide when you meet with your team to discuss your church's weekend events. 

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We are committed  to equipping kingdom builders to optimize kingdom business

We work with church administrators and their pastors to strengthen their organizational infrastructure. Our strategies and training help churches and ministries to become well-coordinated and structured to maintain growth and develop collaborative teams.

Our three pillars support Four 12’s infrastructure and enable us to establish opportunities to serve clients.

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System Development

We evaluate your organization and develop strategies to help ministries like yours build and maintain capacity and effectiveness.

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Process Mapping

Enhancing the effectiveness of your ministry, operations, and teams will be done through brainstorming and mapping operational and team processes.

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Training is designed to equip you and your team to serve your congregation and community well.


Working collaboratively with pastors and their teams to develop 

Organizational Infrastructure 

Leadership Pipelines

Volunteer Management

Organization Systems

Discipleship Infrastructure

Ministry Processes



Community Engagement

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We build and train your team for operational success so pastors can focus on sermon prep, shepherding, and other pastoral duties.

Does this sound like you and your ministry?

The pastor casted his vision but didn't delegate team assignments, and no one is tracking the progress of the vision to validate it has come into fruition.

Your ministry is growing but you feel overwhelmed because there’s no organizational structure or clear division of responsibility with staff and volunteers.

You’re juggling the day-to-day operations of the church but don’t know how to delegate or whom to delegate tasks to.

You have a team but no one seems to know what their role is or lacks skills and gifts to be effective. 

You desire to have members serve in ministry but you don’t have volunteer recruiting, training, or management process. 

You’re streaming online services but don’t have a solidified online church model to engage online parishioners.

You notice there are first-time visitors, and new members joining your church, but you don’t have a process to assimilate them into your ministry.

Your church operates in silos and you want to change to a collaborative culture and promote synergy.

You want to connect with the community but don’t know where to start or how to serve them.

You desire more leadership in the organization but you don’t have a defined leadership program and are unaware of everyone’s spiritual gifts, experience, and leadership abilities. 

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Hey! I'm Christalyn

The founder of Four 12 Training Group. I work with church administrators and their pastors on developing strong infrastructure and systems to achieve and maintain their vision. 

Over the last 23 years, I’ve assisted leaders and their teams change the way they see, think, and do ministry. As a pastor's kid, I understand your ministry pain points, needed resources, and the feeling that you're running the church by yourself. I'm here to help you and your team serve God and His people effectively.

To equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up. Ephesians 4:12

We understand your pain points.

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Help us equip churches with resources and strategies to cultivate healthy ministry operations, systems, teams, and transform communities.

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I was seeking assistance providing departmental career workshops for volunteers at the local nonprofit I work for. Christalyn not only helped by giving a great workshop but also by developing a program organizational structure for our department. This resulted in helping me to successfully create a new departmental strategic plan to be implemented for the next two years. I enjoyed how Christalyn listened to me and discussed my ideas while providing constructive feedback. She made the process simple, easy to understand, and relatable with her laid-back demeanor. She was able to help me navigate through what initially felt like a tedious process to end up with a definitive vision that could be implemented using the program concepts she created.

T. Jackson

 Employee Service Supervisor

West Houston Assistance Ministries 

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