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Assess & Enhance.

We conduct assessments to evaluate the health and vitality of an organization. This includes risk and internal controls that impact the security, safety, stewardship of your organization, and barriers that are hindering your organization’s effectiveness. Assessment results, recommendations, and next steps are shared with our clients.

Select one of our assessments to get your organization aligned for the next step of your ministry's journey. 

Want to check the PULSE of your organization?

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Needs Analysis

A needs analysis helps to identify “gaps” between the current state of the organization, “what is,” and where the organization wants to be, “what should be.” This is accomplished through organizational surveys, interviews, observations, and data analysis. 

Ministry Assessments

Ministry assessments are conducted to determine the effectiveness of ministries within your church that serve your parishioners and communities. Ministries impact church growth, outreach, discipleship.


We conduct ministry assessments for the following ministry areas:

  • Assimilation

  • First Time Visitor

  • New Members

  • Discipleship

  • Volunteer Management

  • Baptism and Baby Dedication

  • Online Church


Operational Assessments 

Operational assessments are used to evaluate an organization’s effectiveness and validity through the identification of gaps, risks, adequacies, and reliabilities in a focused area. 

We conduct the following operational assessments:

  • Administration

  • Performance

  • Business Continuity

  • Recruiting and Hiring

  • Multisite Campus Infrastructure  

Leadership Assessments 

Leadership assessments help to identify different types of leadership and management styles to help staff and lay leaders become confident leaders and make sound decisions.

We conduct the following leadership assessments:

  • Leadership Style

  • Spiritual Gifts

  • Leadership Pipeline 

  • Leadership Development

  • Succession 

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Internal Controls Assessment

During this assessment, we review your organization's financial controls to assess stewardship and identify potential risks for fiscal misconduct. Results from the assessment will recommend appropriate internal controls, procedures, and protocols to keep your organization financially safe.

Church Compliance Audit

This audit evaluates your church’s compliance with laws that impact tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. We will evaluate over 50 elements to validate compliance with IRS regulations. We also conduct an assessment of your bylaws to evaluate the governing ordinance of your

The Process 


Select your ideal assesment. You will receive a confirmation email that details the next steps in the proces. 


A 30-minute onboarding call will be scheduled to discuss expectations and identify other participants who will participate in the assessment (if applicable). 


The timeframe to complete an assessment is 30 business days. You will have two weeks to submit the assessment and provide the requested documentation. We will complete the evaluation and provide the results within two weeks. The evaluation may include interviews with staff, volunteers, or key leaders. 


A 30-minute exit call will be scheduled to discuss the results. We will provide a detailed report that includes results, best practices, observations, and recommendations. 

You'll receive

  • Results of the assessment and recommendations 

  • An action plan template to continue the work after the assessment

Not sure which assessment is right for your organization? 

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